Mental health and its misuse

Mental health affects our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. More often than not, adults you meet every day have had mental illnesses in the past. Whether when they broke up with their partners, lacked financial support, got bullied on the internet, or exposed to severe working environments. Depression and anxiety are the most common forms… Continue reading Mental health and its misuse

Extraordinaire Filmmaker from Ghana

Deep passion for revolutionizing Africa’s film scene has caused Mortinno Morton to mentor more than 20 aspiring young filmmakers from Kibera and Turkana. It’s unquestionable, the future will be driven by technology. As it continues to revolutionize the world’s different industries, it’s creating a plethora of opportunities in the media industry — movie, television, music… Continue reading Extraordinaire Filmmaker from Ghana

I’m a podcast producer and digital publicist

In January 2022, over a span of 10 days, TunapandaNET, a Kibera-based community network that seeks to promote internet accessibility through provision of network infrastructure and capacity building for community, organized and hosted workshops on digital inclusion for the local grassroot women. Hosted at Tunapanda Institute and led by Ms Risper Akinyi, the workshops were… Continue reading I’m a podcast producer and digital publicist

Asembo Piny Maber

You’re missing a lot if you’ve never been to Asembo. In the incredible homeland of Ramogi where the great warrior and magician Luanda Magere and Gor Mahia, respectively, were born and raised, exists a village called Asembo, Nilotic-speaking group based on Lake Victoria basin with a population of about a hundred thousand people.  Known for… Continue reading Asembo Piny Maber

The evolution of the internet

The internet, arguably the greatest tech invention in the history of humankind, was built on open protocols. The inventors envisioned a worldwide platform that allowed everyone who wishes to participate in the service to do so. Original thing I wanted to do was to make it a collaborative medium, a place where we [could] all… Continue reading The evolution of the internet