I’m Mel.

I’m Melkizedek Mirasi Owuor – a young man brimming with energy and creative and innovative ideas to turn the niches I occupy into inspiring and lasting success stories.

My ability to learn myriads of topics, morph the knowledge, and apply them in my projects has helped me produce concrete bodies of work.

I’m a lifelong learner and an avid vipassana meditator.

Senior Project Coordinator

I’m a senior project coordinator for Kibera Aeronautics & Space Academy, a Kibera-based project that uses space science to get young people excited about science and technology.

I have overseen the project’s general growth and took part in the development of its first 3 online courses. I also facilitate the project’s monthly moral, science, and economics meetup sessions dubbed ‘KASA Junto’.

Web Designer

A web designer who has worked with diverse clients, both local and abroad. I have worked with a musician, non-government organizations, graffiti artist, corporate coaching consultancy firm (as a contributor), and a US-based plumbing firm (as a contributor).

Clients decide to work with me because of my creative & minimalistic design concepts.

Podcaster, Podcast Editor, and Podcast Producer

I’m a podcast host for Zack & Mel Talk Music, a biweekly podcast co-hosted by my friend Zack to discuss music and other topics of our liking – such as comedy, health, wealth, and epistemology.

Sometimes we invite our friends and local musicians.

I’m also a podcast editor and producer. My portfolio boasts working to produce a 4-part podcast series for a women empowerment program that took place in January 2022.

Project Highlights: Content Editor

In 2021, I led a team of 5 digital content editors who worked on an open-source community eLearning platform.

As the honcho of the editorial team;

  •  I oversaw the communication between the editorial team and the overall project manager.
  • Set the vision of the final work and organized the team around that.
  • Edited content and uploaded the edited content on the eLearning platform. Editing included a check on;
    • The flow of content.
    • Sentence structure, and spelling & grammatical errors.
    • Content design and layout.
    • Content research and attribution.

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