12 June 2023

I woke up relatively early. As has been the case for the past few weeks, I wasn’t bothered by many negative thoughts.

I grabbed my laptop while still in bed and worked from there for about an hour before getting up to brush my teeth. I cleared out my email inbox, read two of my favorite weekly newsletters (Farnam Street’s Brain Food and Maria Popova’s Marginalian), replied to a few WhatsApp messages, and attempted, unsuccessfully, to fix a bug on my client’s website.

Last week, I experienced some back pain due to spending long hours working while lying on the couch. So today, I decided to work at my desk instead. While enjoying my mildly flavored coffee, I completed the Global Innovation Valley website and shared the final work with the client for their approval.


I caught up with my younger brother on the phone. He informed me that Grandma woke up feeling better than she had been all last week, which really brightened my day.

Afterward, I dedicated approximately two and a half hours to prepare for my continuous assessment test. Once I finished, I headed to a nearby restaurant for lunch, accompanied by my dear friends John Gitonga, Ruth Njeri, and Alphonce.

Following the lunch break, I focused on my UX responsibilities for DW before going to Tanda Community Network’s offices to meet Alphonce. He was supposed to assist me with a persistent challenge that Bankslave’s website has been facing for a while. Unfortunately, he had an urgent commitment and couldn’t help me out.

Risper and I postponed our meeting to tomorrow, so I decided to head home. This would give me the opportunity to comfortably complete my continuous assessment test (CAT). I submitted the CAT at 7:28 pm and promptly left the house to buy supper.

While preparing my meal, I enjoyed listening to amapiano and jazz music. Afterward, I spent some time scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. I briefly considered texting Bree but ultimately didn’t.

Lastly, I wrote this piece and ran it through ChatGPT, then published it. I apologize if it seems a bit incoherent, haha.

Man, I like ChatGPT… but what you have just doesn’t sound like me, and I’m concerned about folks sending me texts that ain’t sound like them in real life. Damn it, lol. I have tried tweaking it, but still…

By Melkizedek Mirasi

Lifelong learner.

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