I’m Soon Turning 27

I will be turning twenty-seven years old on 25th March 2024. The fact that I’m turning 27 has ‘disturbed’ me since December of last year. I really don’t know why yet. Thankfully, this has helped me to think more about my aging and development over the years. After dissecting all the key development stages of… Continue reading I’m Soon Turning 27

12 June 2023

I woke up relatively early. As has been the case for the past few weeks, I wasn’t bothered by many negative thoughts. I grabbed my laptop while still in bed and worked from there for about an hour before getting up to brush my teeth. I cleared out my email inbox, read two of my… Continue reading 12 June 2023

KASA: It’s Time to Say Goodbye

KASA is a unique initiative – it teaches the basics of space travel in 9 courses to young people preparing the learners for an amazing journey to discover future possibilities. Since its inception, KASA has hosted STEM bootcamps for kids in Kibera and its environs, partnered with various organizations to provide learning opportunities for young… Continue reading KASA: It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Inclusive EdTech Ecosystem in Kenya

On Tuesday evening, I attended a meetup event dubbed “Collaboration for an Inclusive EdTech Ecosystem” at iHub. Among the panelists for the event were Christine Namara of Baobab Network, Zacch Opondo of Zeraki, Rebecca Cook of Metis Collective, and Maryanne Wangechi of Aga Khan School. The session was moderated by Tonee Ndung’u, the CEO of… Continue reading Inclusive EdTech Ecosystem in Kenya

Mental health and its misuse

Mental health affects our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. More often than not, adults you meet every day have had mental illnesses in the past. Whether when they broke up with their partners, lacked financial support, got bullied on the internet, or exposed to severe working environments. Depression and anxiety are the most common forms… Continue reading Mental health and its misuse

Extraordinaire Filmmaker from Ghana

Deep passion for revolutionizing Africa’s film scene has caused Mortinno Morton to mentor more than 20 aspiring young filmmakers from Kibera and Turkana. It’s unquestionable, the future will be driven by technology. As it continues to revolutionize the world’s different industries, it’s creating a plethora of opportunities in the media industry — movie, television, music… Continue reading Extraordinaire Filmmaker from Ghana