Extraordinaire Filmmaker from Ghana

Deep passion for revolutionizing Africa’s film scene has caused Mortinno Morton to mentor more than 20 aspiring young filmmakers from Kibera and Turkana. It’s unquestionable, the future will be driven by technology. As it continues to revolutionize the world’s different industries, it’s creating a plethora of opportunities in the media industry — movie, television, music… Continue reading Extraordinaire Filmmaker from Ghana

Lessons from a non-graduate creator

Edu, 24 now, finished high school five years ago and joined an ICT institute where he learnt basic programming, web design, and entrepreneurship and communication skills. Since then he joined an apprenticeship track at the same institution to hone his skills in the following areas: web design, bookkeeping, and meta-learning.  So far, he has designed… Continue reading Lessons from a non-graduate creator