12 June 2023

I woke up relatively early. As has been the case for the past few weeks, I wasn’t bothered by many negative thoughts. I grabbed my laptop while still in bed and worked from there for about an hour before getting up to brush my teeth. I cleared out my email inbox, read two of my… Continue reading 12 June 2023

Lessons from Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur, investor, and co-founder of AngelList. I probably first heard of Naval Ravikant from The Knowledge Project podcast. He talked so much sense in that episode that I couldn’t but share the episode with my close friends. At the end of the text messages to friends, I wrote “top 10 podcast… Continue reading Lessons from Naval Ravikant

A Blueprint to Business Success in Africa

A review of Africa’s Business Revolution book. Africa is often referred to as an emerging market by economists and the western world. But what does that mean to young people from the continent? Well, it can be interpreted differently depending on an individual. Personally, as a young person from the largest slum in Africa, Kibera,… Continue reading A Blueprint to Business Success in Africa

Project Highlights: Content Editor

I recently led a team of 5 digital content editors. I recently led a team of 5 digital content editors who worked on an open-source community eLearning platform, Wikonnect. The platform seeks to bridge the digital divide by providing digital literacy skills to people living in informal settlements that often don’t have access to digital literacy… Continue reading Project Highlights: Content Editor

Religion on Mars?

Will there be a better alternative for religion on Mars? People like me who would like to be among the first people to travel to Mars and eventually colonize the red planet are more concerned with the technical aspects of colonizing the planet. Almost everybody is talking about the technical aspect of colonizing Mars —… Continue reading Religion on Mars?

My Year in Books — 2020

This year was a perfect one for avid readers. The Covid-19 pandemic helped clean up space for reading for most people. Working from home means people who love reading could easily reach their libraries and randomly pick up books to read. Yet some people, like me, didn’t read as many books, even after anticipating to… Continue reading My Year in Books — 2020