Project Highlights: Content Editor

I recently led a team of 5 digital content editors.

I recently led a team of 5 digital content editors who worked on an open-source community eLearning platform, Wikonnect. The platform seeks to bridge the digital divide by providing digital literacy skills to people living in informal settlements that often don’t have access to digital literacy learning resources.

It’s worth noting that in addition to allowing users to learn, the platform also allows people to create content of their interest by themselves on the platform. I have actually created content on the platform. Check out this content that I created for Wikonnect. Or test your knowledge about Kenya by completing this gamified piece of content created by yours truly.

As the honcho of the editorial team;

  •  I oversaw the communication between the editorial team and the overall project manager.
  • Set the vision of the final work and organized the team around that.
  • Edited content and uploaded the edited content on the eLearning platform. Editing included a check on;
    • The flow of content.
    • Sentence structure, and spelling & grammatical errors.
    • Content design and layout.
    • Content research and attribution.
On 30th August 2021, I delivered a class on digital marketing to 20 participants at Tunapanda Institute, Kibera.

What excited me most about this project was collaborating with other professional and passionate editors to produce high-quality content to be used by my own community to gain valuable knowledge.

By Melkizedek Mirasi

Lifelong learner.


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