I’m a podcast producer and digital publicist

In January 2022, over a span of 10 days, TunapandaNET, a Kibera-based community network that seeks to promote internet accessibility through provision of network infrastructure and capacity building for community, organized and hosted workshops on digital inclusion for the local grassroot women.

Hosted at Tunapanda Institute and led by Ms Risper Akinyi, the workshops were attended by 33 women from 7 women empowerment organizations, and the sessions included topics such as computer & internet basics, introduction to feminism & its history, feminist principles of the internet, safe spaces, and digital policy & institutional frameworks. 

Graduates from the TunapandaNET’s 10-day workshop on digital inclusion for grassroot women in Kibera. Image by Henry Franc. Image copyright held by TunapandaNET.

I had an opportunity to attend and contribute to some of the sessions; as a facilitator, coach, and learner.

Also, I was involved as a digital publicist and podcast producer.

Prima, I was in charge of creating and executing a social media plan for the workshop. Updates on the workshop were published on Tunapanda Institute’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Secunda, I recorded, edited, and executive produced a 4-part podcast series to wrap up the workshop.

There wasn’t a better way to wrap up the training but to record a series of podcasts by the attendees to share the works of their organizations and tie that in with what they learnt from the workshop, and how they plan to integrate the new knowledge to move their respective organizations to even greater heights.

As an avid podcaster and professional producer, I’m glad to have taken part as the editor and producer of the TunaBonga Podcast Series.

Recording was done at Tunapanda Institute’s classroom using a Tascam Portable Audio Recorder for DSLR. Editing was done using Audacity. Recording assistance was provided by the superb video editor, Henry Franc.

By Melkizedek Mirasi

Lifelong learner.


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